Whether you are looking for a complex fully integrated system incorporating Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, CCTV and Access Control / Intercom Systems, or a simple independent system, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.


We provide access control systems to manage access into and within buildings for authorised users. We design systems adapted to any sites, ranging from single entrance doors to multi-site, networked solutions controlling a hundred doors, gates, barriers and turnstyles with varying staff levels, configurable by individual or department. Access rights can be granted by using a fingerprint, hand or proximity reader.

All access control systems meet the requirements of BS EN 50133-1 and the NSI certification scheme NCP109.


We design, supply, install and maintain a variety of CCTV equipment for video surveillance.
Internet protocol security cameras can be connected to an existing or new information technology network to provide viewing of all areas of the building or site using the latest video analytics technology.

Systems can be viewed remotely on computers or smartphones.

Each security camera system is installed to meet the requirements of BS EN 50132-7 and the NCP104.


Trust us with burglar and intruder alarms for your peace of mind.
Systems can be remotely monitored via a 24-hour control room for immediate response to any activation - police, fire, or personal attack.

Each system is graded to meet police and insurance company requirements. All alarm systems are installed in accordance with EN50131-1, BS9263 and PD6662. We issue NSI certificates of compliance upon installation of each system.


We make it a priority for your organisation to be able to prevent, detect, contain and escape fire. Having a fully maintained fire alarm gives you vital early warning.
We provide full fire safety services including risk assessment, fire training, system design and installation, accredited testing, service and maintenance.

You can count on a 24/7 remote monitoring and a quick response to any activation.

Systems are installed to BS5839-1:2017 to comply with fire authority, building control and insurance company requirements. To prove your regulatory compliance, we can issue a BAFE SP203-1 certificate for design, installation and commissioning once an appropriate fire alarm system is fully installed.


We supply and install fire extinguishers to suit your specific needs.

To make sure our extinguishers are in perfect working order should they be needed, and because it is a legal requirement, we check and service all of our fire extinguishers after installation, giving you the peace of mind that they are fully functional.

All of our units are compliant with the latest BS EN3-7 and BS5306-3 Standard.


Benefit from our 24/7 remote monitoring system to enhance your personal safety and protect your premises.
Our remote monitoring options include:
- BT Redcare - fully monitored BT Redcare Network (Classic, GSM, Secure)
- Dual Comm dual path signalling (PSTN, ADSL, GPRS)
- Emizon Dual Path Signalling (IP+GPRS, GPRS+PSTN, IP+PSTN)
- Digital Communicator (PSTN)

Every service is installed and graded for compliance in line with the requirements of the insurance company fire and police response policies.

Our process


An integral part of our service is system design. From a brief or plan, we can create a bespoke system designed around the specificity of your site.

We produce working drawings for both security and fire alarm installations and our in-house CAD facility brings these plans to life, providing the blueprint from which the specification can take place. The AinsCo design service is highly regarded and has grown into a standalone service.

Our system design team can provide a practical and effective solution to meet specific requirements and has the resources to plan and prepare concepts and detailed drawings for the most complex integrated solution.

Systems are designed for efficiency, by incorporating equipment with features that can be both cost-effective while still providing excellent system performance.

Our design team allows us to deliver and maintain the standards necessary to provide an engineering level in accordance with BAFE BS5839-1, BS5839-6 and NSI codes of practice.


Our team works to the highest standards and meets all industry standards.

Working on projects from design to completion ensures installation is a thorough and swift process, with in-depth knowledge of the system requirements and specifications.


Given the critical nature of the services we provide and because our customers rely on our systems, we make sure you can trust our technologies.

Our maintenance support packages offer regular servicing to keep fire and security systems in peak condition. In the event of a system fault, we provide an immediate 24/7 call-out service.